How to Bleach Shirts Without Sunshine

When it concerns sublimation, lightening is a terrific means to make your transfer look even more lively. This procedure is specifically helpful when it pertains to darker shades as well as poly-cotton tee shirts.

There are a few points you need to take into consideration before starting the process. One is that bleach is a strong chemical. So wear rubber handwear covers to secure your skin from the fumes.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is a type of container that can squirt, spray or haze liquids. They are prominent for several craft projects because they are inexpensive and also very easy to utilize, and they come in a range of sizes and shapes.

As soon as you have the t shirt prepared, fill a spray bottle with equivalent components of water and bleach. Shake to blend the service and afterwards spray it on the preferred location of the shirt.

You will need to make use of a color-safe bleach such as hydrogen peroxide to stop the procedure how to bleach a black shirt white for sublimation


If you do not want to spray your shirt straight in the sunlight, it’s possible to bleach a tee shirt without sunlight. All you require is a piece of cardboard to protect the rear of your shirt from any type of spots or drips of bleach, along with a spray bottle with adequate bleach water to cover the location you’re working on.

Using a pattern, you can make any type of design you like on your shirt with a spray of bleach. You can discover stencils online or at craft shops.

You can also eliminate your own patterns from plastic. You can utilize a cutting machine from Cricut or Shape, or you can merely make use of transfer paper to put your plastic stencil onto your t-shirt.

Before you begin, you’ll need to prepare your tee shirt. First, wash it and iron it to avoid any kind of spots or creases. Next, put a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt, ensuring it’s big enough to cover all the areas you want to bleach.


Use rubber handwear covers when lightening tee shirts to protect your hands and also avoid the bleach from bothersome your skin. Since bleach is a strong chemical, you must additionally function in a well-ventilated area or outdoors to reduce the danger of respiratory irritation.

Gently spray the t-shirt with a 50/50 bleach-water service. The quantity you need to use will certainly depend on the density of the material, so it is best to test your haze on an item of cardboard.

Recycle any type of rubber gloves you do not need to avoid garbage dump waste. Business such as TerraCycle can reuse latex, nitrile and also plastic gloves free of charge.

Heat Press

A heat press is a practical way to move your design onto a shirt. Using a heat press without the appropriate knowledge and also technique is a recipe for catastrophe.

To start, make certain your shirt is clean as well how to bleach shirts without sunlight as dry. Try to stay clear of any zippers or switches that might interfere with the heat transfer process.

As soon as the bleach has actually dried, rinse the t-shirt truly well to eliminate the excess bleach. You can likewise clean it in a tub including 50% water and also 50% peroxide to stop the lightening procedure and also offer it a whiter look.

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