How To Find a Good Seo Agency Brisbane

SEO is a very powerful lever in the online marketing universe. In the long term, a well-optimized site will bring you qualified traffic to your website that is significantly cheaper than paid Google Ads. But the way to the first search results page is difficult in most industries with ever increasing competition. In addition, the Google algorithm can assess the quality of a website better and better. You won’t get anywhere with quick SEO tricks.

On the contrary, anyone who tries to circumvent the guidelines of the search engines today is risking a lot. It is all the more important to have a good and, above all, serious Seo agency Brisbane at your side that works strategically on the basis of the latest findings.

Would you like to use other online marketing services besides SEO?

SEO, Google Ads & Social Ads, e.g. via Facebook, often go hand in hand. All areas, especially SEO & Google Ads, benefit from a close exchange between those responsible. The synergy effects are high, which is why it does not make sense to commission different agencies for both services.

Bring A Willingness To Change

Would you like to increase your organic traffic, but you cannot make any changes to your website structure or content? In the best case scenario, SEO should consist of invisible changes in the source code and backlinks? Then an SEO agency Brisbane will have a hard time.

Clarify Internal Structures and Availabilities

Successful SEO requires your cooperation. Clarify in advance when communicating with the agency. Also clarify the following questions:

  • What are the time resources of IT like?
  • Who has the required access?
  • Which approval processes have to be carried out?
  • Who is adding new content to the website?
  • Do you have internal resources to contribute good SEO texts or should this be completely handed over to an agency?

Acquire Basic SEO Knowledge

No worries. Now you don’t have to invest dozens of hours of your scarce time. But choosing an SEO agency Brisbane is a bit like buying a car. A little knowledge of the subject protects you from an expensive bad investment. A few hours of research on SEO basics, a webinar for beginners or even a short workshop often enable you to sort out dubious providers.

SEO Is Not a Sprint

Don’t expect quick results. If you are interested in a short-term increase in your traffic, you are better off with paid Google Ads.

SEO is a long-term process that never ends. Search engine optimization is a very powerful lever that can bring you considerable quality traffic in the long term.

How to Find Potential SEO Agencies

There are many ways to become an SEO agency in Brisbane. But not all of them lead to a reputable agency.

Recommendations From Business Partners

If one of your business partners has already had experience with Seo agency, it is worth taking the agency into the closer selection. Be sure to ask why your business partner recommends the agency. A family relationship or old friendships should not be decisive here. Instead, ask about specific successes and personal support.

Well-Known Personalities as Figureheads

If you have dealt with online marketing and have attended one or the other event, you are sure to come across some personalities from the industry again and again. Be it through lectures at conferences, interviews or articles in specialist journals.

Many of the familiar faces are agency owners. This does not have to mean that the employees are equally fit in their area of ​​responsibility. But the owner stands by his good name and has a reputation to lose in the case of dissatisfied customers.

Findability In Search Engines

The best advertisement is of course always your own website. Can the agency be found for search terms? Have you come across the agency while researching SEO topics? If you are familiar with the SEO basics, check the loading speed of the website, look at the structure of the blog posts or take a look at SEO tools.

Of course, this point should not be the decisive criterion. Choosing an Seo agency with the highest visibility or position 1 in Google would be too easy. But still take a look if you, as a layperson, can discover gross errors on the website and speak to the agency about this.

Be Careful with Cold Calling

Be careful with cold calls. If the agency prefers cold calling for customer acquisition, this is often a guarantee for inadequate support after the order has been placed. Often a pure sales employee is assigned to the acquisition, who is not in any coordination with the responsible customer advisor.

In the area of ​​SEO, you should actually know better. A good Seo agency Brisbane knows your buyer persona very well and is not dependent on mass inquiries. Instead, a good agency comes to its customers through referrals and inbound marketing.

Criteria Of a Good SEO Agency: What to Look Out For

How quickly will the request be answered?

You should give the agency 1-2 days for an initial response to your request. However, if you have to wait more than a week for a response, this could be an indication that:

1) The time resources are not available

2) The organization within the agency is chaotic. Both of these are not conducive to further cooperation.

What is the website structure and design like? Modern? Can be used intuitively?

I already discussed the topic of being able to be found in the previous chapter. On the website of the agency in question, pay attention to what your gut feeling told you. The agency will eventually help to design your own website.

Does the agency have an active blog?

An active blog shows you on the one hand the Seo agency Brisbane implements what it preaches to its customers. On the other hand, it shows its know-how in the field of SEO with the content.

Googling For Agency Plus Experience

Check out an agency’s Google and Facebook reviews. Have other customers already had bad experiences? If the reviews are conspicuously negative, please also check whether the Seo agency has responded to them and whether the reviews are justified.

It is also worthwhile to google for experience and name of the Seo agency Brisbane. A dissatisfied customer may have shared his experience in a forum.

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